Monday, September 27, 2010

Love and Money!

I have been hearing that "when money comes, love goes out of the window."
Since then i have been wondering what happens when money goes?
Does love then come back in or remain?
Yes I know love is blind etc etc..
But, without money can love survive?
Can love feed you?
Get a roof above your head?
Clothe you?
Money can do all the above... and more! No?
Dont we need those things to survive?
I am not talking about wants which can be unlimited, I am talking about the "basic needs" of human beings!

If the phrase "when money comes, love goes out" holds true then why is it that most poor households have wife beating and polygamy?
Housemaids or helpers or servants who come to my house to clean, wash etc always complain of the shortage of money and sickness and hunger, and yes no support from husbands. There is no mention of love! 
Apparently there is no love.

Now you would be wondering where I got the above phrase from. Obviously, from my rich relatives. As per their view, their husbands get them everything they need, the expensive clothes, the jewelery, the foreign holidays, yet they complain of no love. So strange!

Concluding from the above, there is no love, irrespective of money. Maybe there is love only when you have the right balance of love and money, meaning a little bit of money and a little bit of love can go together
A lot of money = no love
very less money= no love
Is love a myth and money a reality?


  1. i enjoyed the query/ what happens when money goes?

  2. Do you mean when money was there before, and then goes?
    I think when there was no love WITH money, there might be war without it..
    I really don't understand women who complain about love, when they have financial stability.