Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh Boy!

Oh I wished I was a boy!

I had this notion that to be a girl or a boy was in my hands.. (level of confidence was ohhhh)
So, I had a sister and she was all girlie, she had her ears and all pierced when she was in class 1, but not me..
When mom wanted me to get mine pierced .. I was like, "What rubbish I am going to be a boy when i grow up!!"

I hated all girl things.. playing indoors was a no no especially with dolls and house house eeeks!!!
But I was left alone with nobody to play with, so I had to strike a deal with my sis, I play doll doll for one hour and she plays bat and ball for one hour.

Often I searched for games which required no partner, and I found squash, flying kites, playing with carom (both sides). I sometimes invited the boys from outside to throw the ball while I batted. hehe!

I was so damn serious about it that I convinced myself that it was possible and I would certainly prove it.
It was at that time I also read on some people who underwent operations to change gender, and I thought, "there! I am not the only one."

Alas! I was in the 6th std, and slowly came to realize that it wasn't possible and that I was destined to be a girl and I had no power to change it! It was a Blow initially and as a sign of giving up .. i went and got my ears, nose pierced in one go! ;(

Since then I have tried to behave like a girl (I really try hard to)