Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Opposites- strike the right balance.

When I was very small, I was always troubled to see so much poverty around me. I used to think why is it that some people are so poor and some so rich? I couldn't seem to find any answers.
One day I asked my uncle and he explained that if there were no poor people then nobody would ever work. There would be no plumber, no gardener, the whole world could come to a standstill!
This sounded quite logical to me and I was quite satisfied.
Now I feel that .. some people need to be poor for some people to be rich and vice versa.
they might be opposites but they have to co exist.

A friend always insisted that opposites never attract and we have had a never ending debate on this for sometime now. We recently reached a conclusion that opposites may not attract but complement each other.
For example, we have the land and water, male and female, day and night, big and small. The existence of one heavily depends on the existence of the other. That is why there is always two genders, two sides of a coin, two of everything.

Everything has to co exist , the good and the evil, the beautiful and the ugly, the gods and ghosts, rich and the poor, etc.

Once I was visiting a relative, she keeps her windows always shut for fear of lizards entering the house. My father opened the windows to let the fresh air come in and said, " let the lizards come, they will eat up the smaller insects and the smaller will eat up the smallest." he said that all things on the earth were made to coexist.
I am reminded of a recent movie called “My name is Khan.” The protagonist Khan is an autistic person who condemns cellphones, and also tells everyone to stop using them because the waves emitted by the cellphones are distracting the honeybees who lose their way to their hives, which results in the lower egg production of the queen bees and if the bees disappeared then the human race would come to an end approximately 4 years later, as calculated by Albert Einstein.

To strike the right balance, the other has to be there, the bad has to be present for the good to be good .. in fact the good is also very heavily indebted to the bad. The most important thing in life are the bad things which happen to us, for if they didn't happen, would we know or appreciate the finer things in life? Would we pray to God, if all was well?

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