Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Art of writing..

Whats going to happen to writing?
My fingers ache when I write but is perfectly at ease when I type.

I have been hearing about tablet PC's and read that the schools may soon replace notebooks with Tablet PC's.
I have written with a pen or pencil all throughout my life. But since the last 3 or 4 years, I have been literally writing everything on my laptop. Now, if I can feel uncomfortable in something I was very comfortable with, I wonder what might happen to kids who will start off with typing!!
Wouldn't it make them more dependent on power, money (expensive gadgets)?

Sure it will save trees on one hand, but wont it increase the power consumption?

Few days back I was writing a list of grocery items to be bought for the month, since mil is not there, the onus of maintaining the larder is my job. I was having real difficulty in writing so much. In my heart I wished there was a handy printer to jot down small notes and take a print out for the same!
I was amazed at my thinking process..

picture from here
I have learnt some Calligraphy and I used to write in beautiful calligraphy, but now my handwriting looks like a doctor's scrawl.

Apart from the damage in the art of writing, spell checks have made me quite dependent on MS Word to check my spellings, and without it I feel kinda lost!
The stones were replaced by slates, which were replaced by paper and now the computer uses a whole new concept.. just punch in the buttons and voila! your spellings are perfect, your handwriting is superb (but not unique), not messy anymore, no erasers.. nothing.. so far so good!
No wonder, I am writing (read typing too) so well, and I may not be surprised, if suddenly there springs up hoards of writers from all over.


  1. I have always loved the way i write, and am sure u understand it well,(good enough to show off at times even) i even get times to practice my exercises at them, which i have been taught at school.
    Thank god my work still needs my pen and paper.

    I agree with u about the spellings and how much the pc has made us more of typists than writers.

    Some scribblers are great thinkers and beautiful writers are poets too.

    The computer typists are a blend of all.

  2. :) yes I do understand what you write and like it too. (you have the right to boast a little).

  3. The one advantage I can think that typing could have over writing is the increase in ambidexterity. My left hand couldn't do half the things it can do now after typing.:)

  4. Yoda ambidextrous nature has other advantages too, the usage of the left hand brings on more of the artistic qualities hidden with in us.

    Yoda why don't u try writing poems too, or may be start painting,i and many others may get to find ourselves as your fans.

  5. Wow! i never thought the added advantages of using the left hand... to think of it, it really has made the left more useful than before..
    Thanks Yoda