Wednesday, December 15, 2010

why enough is never enough?

When do we decide how much is enough?
How do we measure "enough"?
Is enough ever enough?
Is sky the limit?
Why are we like Pepsi? Yeh dill maange more..!! (Give me more!)

Just when one thing is over, one want is over, another crops up.
There is exhilaration, celebration of something done or achieved, but again the limit doesnt limit itself and sets for itself a higher limit.

For a poor man a fan is enough
For a middle class man a cooler is enough
For a rich man an AC is enough
In all above examples, heat is constant and same for everyone, but a fan or a cooler is not enough for a rich man? Poor man's leisure is rich man's pain!

What is it that is heating the rich man? Is it the heat of money?
It is said in an hindi proverb when a person is arrogant of his money, " paison ki garmi hai." ( heat of money in him) so this heat has to be cooled with the respective coolant. the more the money the more coolant it requires. While it is harder on the way up, there are nice things added to the life style, more comfort more luxury, easy to adopt.. and on the way down, these nice things makes life worse, all these luxuries hard to give up. Can a rich man accustomed to an AC sleep under a fan? One who relies on others for his work to be done, can he work for others?

Talking about "enough", I am always reminded of my nephew. Once my sister was annoyed with her husband and she asked my nephew (her 6 years old son), "lets go to the market and get you another father." Pat came his reply, " no mummy, one is enough." Goes to show that a child knows when enough is enough! :D

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  1. How wise the kids are these days, am sure they will make great masters for us to learn from .

    I am sure Shazia if u did take a recorder and asked a few kids the question< "how much is enough?" they would come up with kiddy answers to make us think.