Thursday, December 16, 2010

Phobias and nightmares :(

I have a number of phobias and nightmares:-

1 Cutting with a sharp scissor and one of my finger cutting accidentally.
2. Travelling in a train or plane and fearing every second ..what if there is an accident!?
3. Leaving one of my kids in the train/ plane, or some busy place like a fair (mela) or in the market..
4. Someone kidnapping my son from my gate.. he keeps going out to play !!
5. Sometimes when I am running a fever, my headache gives me the feel of an ant getting squeezed under the huge foot of the elephant.
6. Of course all my teeth falling off is one nightmare, I have already mentioned in my earlier blogs.
7. One of my horror dreams where there is someone standing near my side of the bed and trying to snatch my baby from me. (This is especially when I am expecting)
8. Somebody, maybe a thief trying to open the door and getting into the house through the terrace and balcony.
9. Sometimes I am falling and I keep falling, like there is no ground beneath me and I keep falling till I wake up with a start!
10. Bathing in the bathroom and suddenly there is current in the water and I am electrocuted.

In all the above cases, I am always getting up to check everything is okay and thanking God, it wasn't happening in reality.

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