Saturday, October 29, 2011

The real princess

As a girl, I was always dreaming of my prince.
There were many of them, in stories of Rapunzel, in the sleeping beauty, in the Snow White, in Cindrella.
However, there was one princess I was in love with.

She was as mentioned in the book, a real princess.
She had come knocking one day to the castle of the prince who was looking for a real princess. She announced as she came in very nonchalantly that she was a real princess. The queen decided to give her a test and made her a bed of almost 40 mattresses with a pea under the first few mattress. Sure enough the princess could not sleep the whole night and was black and blue all over.

I couldn't take my mind of her. I don't know why, but I had fallen in love with such a delicate creature. I was so tomboyish in my earlier years that even I felt my heart warming up to her. My mind and heart was in turmoil. Is that what a man likes in a woman? A delicate woman? A woman who is like an expensive porcelain? I don't know really, but if I was a real man, I think I would want such a creature to be my princess!

So I err, well, I decided that was what I was too. I flung my tomboyishness to the winds and now all I wanted was to be as sweet and delicate and pretty (she was so pretty in pictures) just like the real princess. I don't know if I became as delicate as her. All I know is to this day, my bed mattress can never be hard (even if doctors seem to suggest that a hard surface is better to sleep in) and the linen should be of the very fine material and very soft. I have conditioned my mind to think I am delicate and I can't sleep without a nice and cosy and soft and clean without even a dot of dirt bed!

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  1. I wonder how the charming gallant prince won u over,wooing this royal princess.

    Did he carry you away like those castle days on horse back?