Friday, December 9, 2011

Kicking or Buried

Recently I had a chat with a cousin. She is a very fiery, impulsive and a spontaneous girl. If I asked her how was life? She would likely reply,"great or good." The last time however she said, "life is fine, going with the flow." It sounded like a death knell to me. So I couldn't help myself and said to her," only dead fish go with the flow of the stream." Then she smiled and said true.

I have known some people who seem dead to the world, bereft of fun, self secluded from the crowd. These are people who disagree with the world. They have a mind of their own. They may not follow or lead, but are the best of friends who know them closely enough. These people seem to me to be swimming against the flow.
Quality people who don't care for the quantity. If everyone is doing it, they probably wont do it.

We think they are snobs, dead to the world, loners....

Now who would you say are alive and kicking and who would you term dead and buried?

The (fun loving seemingly) fish swimming with the flow of the stream or these rare (seemingly sad) fishes who dare to swim upstream, even if it means swimming alone?

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  1. That was wonderful, i liked that dead fish go with the flow, a blow on those who think going with the flow is life.
    good one there shazia.

    There is a thrill when u go against the trend, not the sake of being a rebel, but for the sake of being honest to yourself, and bashing up a hypocrisy.

    Of course u get to be alone.(oneself)