Saturday, December 10, 2011

Potty and God

I have a year old toddler. Naturally the wonder bundles come with their pros and cons. One of the cons is, they are always doing potty in their pants, since they cant say when they want to do it. If I miss to make them sit on the pot they do it right in their pants and go on playing as if nothing has happened. Of course by the time I notice it, it is already spread to the thighs and I have the dirty work of washing the baby and the pants.

And I have a friend who particularly takes huge pleasure in teasing me whenever I tell him I was busy with potty. As usual today he came out with a smart one, "I am glad that mothers have to do it and not fathers." So I smartly replied, "men have to clean the potty of their bosses, at least we are cleaning our kids!"

The same friend, due to the respect I give him, often thinks that whenever I exclaim Oh god! it is him I am calling. He always replies, "yes, you called me?" One day, he asked me, why do I always call him God?"
I replied, " because I am an atheist!"

Smart answers no?

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