Saturday, October 1, 2011

My lost time

I hate people who ask for a second and take mins and hours and sometimes days!

My good friend especially has no idea what 1 second is all about. Despite my regular efforts to ask him to change his seconds to hours, he still asks for one sec (whatever that means)!!

My husband is as silly as my friend or vice versa!!
He is somewhere miles away and when I ask him what time would he reach home. He always has one answer, 5 mins!

Earlier it was like hell waiting for that SINGLE ONE SECOND to pass, now I simply say Bye, as soon as I hear the dreaded one sec!
Same for my husband, Earlier I used to panic and get ready for him in just under 5 mins and wait for an hour for him to reach, sometimes he just came so late we had to cancel wherever we planned to go or do anything!!
Now, I simply don't expect him to come home in 5 mins or an hour. I simply start getting ready only when I hear the car horns at the gate. After all I can get ready in 5 mins flat, all those practice has not gone to waste!!

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  1. lol...i hate to wait for the late kates...