Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday prayers

My seven year old nephew is very God fearing and is ready before noon to offer his friday prayers.

Today being a friday, he had a special wish to ask from God!

He was seen earnestly praying and offering his salaat.

When I asked what was it he was asking Allah.

He replied, " Allah and Satan fought and Allah won. So Allah has locked Satan in the bathroom."
So he said he was asking Allah to please take out Satan from the bathroom and lock him elsewhere because it has become very difficult for him to go to the bathroom even during the daytime And he is so scared that Satan may hurt him inside the bathroom.

Amazing wishes of the kids!

Picture from here


  1. My god that was very honest and fair, and reasonable.

    May the wish be fulfilled.

  2. cute wish... innocence...something we loose as we grow...

  3. :) that is a true that him? the picture?

  4. Nopes.. thats not him.
    Even i thought it was a practical prayer!