Monday, May 30, 2011

Scared and Shy

Last week, my broker buzzed me.
He asked me why wasn't I trading. (I used to be that fool in wall street who thought that one had to trade everyday.) Well, I learnt the hard way, and when I learn a lesson, I am particular not to learn it again.
So, I told him, I am in the learning stage and my baby is giving me good company right now.
He insisted that I still trade in small quantities. So I blurted out the bitter truth. I told him, I was scared to touch stocks now. He wouldn't believe it. He said," You and scared, I don't believe this!"

Now was that a compliment?

Next there was a call from a friend, who was a friend of uh hmm a close friend.
Well, he said that the close friend would like to reconnect and he gave me his mobile number.
I said that I could no longer talk to him, and both of us are married and this was wrong.
He was insistent and said that, its okay, just get updated and have a casual talk.
And then I had to tell him the truth, I told him I was shy and I couldn't do that.
Guess what? he wouldn't believe it. He said, " You and shy, I don't believe this!!"

Now what was that again?

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  1. Shyness and a bit of a fear is a natural tendency, for a belle, and if that is noticed now!
    Check that mirror.
    Time for more time at the mirror, cosmetics and a dash of the rouge.