Saturday, May 21, 2011

What does real beauty mean to you?

Big eyes.
Slim figure.
Fair and tall
Nice smile
That is real beauty?

As a child, fairy tales enchanted me and I looked forward to my prince charming. But Prince Charming would not settle for a vain and naughty girl, so I studied the princesses the prince liked.. and made them my ideal. There was a story of “The princess and the pea.” This story had a real princess who was very beautiful and so so delicate that even 20 mattresses couldn't stop the pea underneath them to bother the princess.
That for me was real beauty..

In my own house, the princess took the shape of my very beautiful mommy, she has a heart of gold, not so delicate with all the housework and taking care of us, a little tough but beautiful to my eyes.
When I was in standard 1 and I got to make sentences for the word “beautiful,” I always wrote.. “ my mommy is so beautiful!”
That was real beauty to me.

As I grew older and stepping into the threshold of teenage, and more exposed to the world, I discovered films and the heroines who looked really beautiful and I wished I was like any of them! Wished I had the smile of Madhuri, the figure of Zeenat, the spontaneity of Juhi and so on.
That for me was real beauty.

Then I got married and on my wedding day, I thought I really looked nice.. and splendid with all eyes only for me and people fussing over me all the time..I felt on top of the world and so happy!
That for me was real beauty.

My first born was a girl and I asked everyone,“have you seen a more cuter baby than mine?” I was ecstatic, and so happy I could make such a beautiful baby.
My babies are my real beauty.

Being a very hyper and a moody girl, I had some turbulent times, during the beginning of marriage. Times when I thought I should give it all up, but thank god my husband never listened to me when I said, “ leave me alone!” he never left me!
That for me was real beauty.

I have a few nice friends, they sometimes unknowingly make my day, by sharing with me their thoughts. Men and women who take me as I am and bring on cheer to me and boost my morale.
That for me is real beauty!

I find that intelligence and gentle behavior is the necessary ingredient for real beauty. While beauty is important to a woman, strength of character makes a man more attractive.
A woman who is pretty but not sweet natured is a turn off, just like an expensive thing which can be bought only because of conspicuous demand, but apart from show off, it has no intrinsic value to it.
If you are beautiful, you have a passport, but if you don't behave well, you don't get visa to visit.

It is intelligence which gives tact to your actions and reactions. But intelligence without sweetness is also a turn off. Its like a machine who works only with logic and no human feelings. Only logic will drain you of life.
If you have beauty and intelligence, you can be an apple pad or any machine, but not human!

As time passes, I grow older and wiser, the meaning of real beauty metamorphosed from an external to an internal one. Sure the outside beauty is very appealing to the eyes, but our other senses want more.
"A thing of beauty is joy forever." by John Keats. How do you get joy? Joy should not be only for you. Give and get joy!
It is a combination of outer physical and inner mental beauty which can only be really beautiful.

I must mention that, the inner beauty in the long run outweighs the importance of physical beauty which in any case fades away.

Real beauty is one where all senses unify and say together, along with the heart and mind.. 

that is real beauty!

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  1. Right now it is your post that to me is a real beauty....good that you are back, it means u r in a good mood...

    "If you are beautiful, you have a passport, but if you don't behave well, you don't get visa to visit."...that was outstanding...

    waiting for more wishes :-)

  2. Beauty, is something to be appreciated in a women.

    so much care is taken to get at it, it deserves, what it needs.

    Shazia like u said large eyes, like a doe,
    fairness and height,that nose, lips and curves add to the beauty, but i think what makes it all to the front is that shyness that goes with it in this part of the world.

    The chandelier ear rings, and the stilettos, add to the beauty as accessories, but it is ultimately the mind of the person that makes it all at the finish line called " Beauty"

  3. oh wow!! you summed it so well!!
    I forgot the shy part.. guess because i am not shy at all!! But I do agree, that shyness is so very vital.
    And of course the mind rules!!
    Thanks ( I might add to the blog .. the point you made on shyness.)

  4. this post for me is a realy beauty.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  5. true beauty for e is like just being very simple in all walks of life and i know i am very simple in this twisted world