Friday, March 2, 2012

I almost lost her!

The Kanpur central station announced the arrival of Kalka mail from Howrah on platform no 6.
My husband was coming to receive me. I had my kiddos with me. My daughter was barely 7 and son was 5 then.

"Munni, hold this packet and hold your brother's hand and don't leave it," I instructed to my daughter. There was more than 2 big luggages and we had to hire a coolie. We still had to carry the small bags and packets which seem to keep on increasing in number till we actually get on the journey. I was carrying a small bag and a purse in one hand, with the other I held my son's hand fiercely.

The coolies (porter) have a habit of racing to the exit once the load is on them. One can't really blame them for they would want to offload the burden as quickly as possible so they run literally and  give us a chase after them lest they abscond with our luggages and precious valuables!!
My husband kept in pace with the porter and I was left far behind because I had to match the pace of my little children. It was so crowded and I kept looking ahead and managed to keep my husband in view. Those were not my (meaning I did not own one but my husband did) mobile days yet so getting lost was a probability.
a view of the railway station
After climbing the over bridge and hurriedly walking, I once or twice glanced at my kids and told them to walk faster. They were nice obedient kids (back then). They naturally understood me and tried to sprint to match my steps. I kept my speed nonetheless giving no discount to the kids. I am quite a terror mom :(

My heart skipped a beat as I neared the station exit. I was holding my son's hand and my daughter was nowhere to be seen. I thought perhaps she had raced ahead to her papa. I looked back and forth, it was so crowded and everyone seemed in a rush. A thousand bad things came to my mind. What if she was kidnapped? What if she was never found? OH! what will happen to my little baby? I had tears in my eyes. I shouted at my husband to ask him if munni was with him. He said NO and that almost stopped my heart. He started to scold me for not taking proper care of her and together we rushed back inside the station. I started to shout her name and hoped she was nearby to hear me.

A porter asked me if it was a little girl I was looking for. My heart skipped another beat. There was hope, someone had seen her! He directed me to the station master's room. I ran to the room he pointed and I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw my little baby sitting on a stool  sobbing inconsolably.

I was glad it did not turn out any other way. So much can happen with small carelessness. My girl is a big girl now, and I dread to think what would have happened if I had not found her that day? This is one day I cannot forget ever. Now I always pay more attention to my kids rather than the porter and the luggage or anything for that matter!!

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  1. Dear Shazia, It was not your carelessness but the result we are in for the overpopulation all around. You should eliminate the guilt you are carrying in your mind to this day. Of course, such reminders make us more careful.

  2. how sweet u mommies are.
    i will tell u why.
    It was a meditation programme at Bangalore, my wife and me caught a train, the train stopped at yeswantpur, i was advised to get another ticket to Bangalore city , so i got down and got it and when i reached back to platform i forgot the train, i then noticed that the train was leaving the platform with my beauty lady inside , and the last coach was far from my legs to reach with my running.

    i caught an auto outside and said follow that train on the road, (like u said the cell phone was out service) the auto man zig zagged and got caught at two road jams , there i was in an unknown land and missing my miss yet coolly walking around to find her.
    i somehow reached the Bangalore city junction, and made enquiries , and turned at a side , to bumb in to my beauty .

    She looked gorgeous , with all the hassle of somehow owning me again.