Friday, March 23, 2012

Multitasking man

Women are more often called multitaskers
Today I saw a man multitasking. I was pleasantly surprised.
I usually thought that I had no patience to become a shopkeeper or even a teacher. Especially shopkeepers seemed to be doing nothing, except endlessly waiting for the customer to come and buy. Their work made me want to go to sleep. I would rather become a labour in a factory where I continuously worked each cell in my body. Being still is so lethargic!!

Now, this man, is the owner of a shop which sells nick nacks, like chips chocolates small items basically.
It was right in the middle of a hot afternoon and I looked at either side of his shop, there were shops like his which had no customers and the keepers were either just staring out into the street in anticipation of spotting a customer, or idlying and almost dozing off.

Why am I so impressed with him? What was he doing? He was basically utilising his free time. A man who had ability to value time and perhaps a sense of time management. He may not hold a degree to get good jobs in a higher office. He may be slow in getting rich because perhaps his expenditure was at par or more to his income for whatever reason (likely a big family). But, I think WOW what efficiency! If I owned a company, I would look out for people who value time and people like him just fit the bill!

He was a bit surprised when my daughter went right up to his shop and took this picture. You can see he is staring right back into the camera!! :P

Please note he is not ironing his own clothes, he takes clothes like a dhobi does to iron them and return to the owners in order to get paid for his services. He is running a two in shop and offering his services and goods via the same outlet.
Ironman plus shopman! isnt it wonderful time management? I don't mind shopkeeping any more. He has shown me that it can be made much more enjoyable!

I found this cartoon picture and I couldn't help relating to enjoying work even if you hate it.

nine pins game, only the ball is the head which is chopped off!! :P

(sorry for those who get offended, but the choppers also need to enjoy their work!!)


  1. Keeping busy with work of own choice is always a pleasure, but only a few know this art of good living.

  2. A rare multi tasker, may be he got those brainy connections from a hard , demanding wife at home.

  3. What a man......that's why people says..where there is a will their is a way.....if you are hard worker nobody can stop you......nice pic.

  4. Seems to be an innovative business man...interesting