Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paradigm shift

A change for the better or worse?
Everything changes, sometimes for or against us. Sometimes we think the change is for good but there is always a good and bad side to every change. It is good to take into stock how much of the good overrides the how much of the bad the change will bring unto us.

We keep harping only on the benefits of change, but sometimes we need to take a closer look at the change. Isn't the world a much changed place now? In the last century there is tremendous change, in the last decade there is a whole lot of change. Are we changing too fast? Do we need to take stock of the pace of change? I think yes.

Paradigm shifts are major changes. Society has undergone a paradigm shift. According to the mayan calendar, 2012 is the year the world will end. I don't see much changes to alarm us in that aspect but I do see one change, which is alarming to me. I see women taking more and more charge everywhere. I see women cut off their lovely locks so that they can go for work unfettered about their looks. I see men, who had shoulders to lay a head to cry or sleep in peace, have now shoulder length hair!! I see the world which was headed by men come to end.

Which woman doesn't want this to happen? Doesn't dream about her man carrying her on his strong arms?!
I am quite capable of looking after myself. This doesn't mean, I am like a man, although I really like a real man. The most primitive instinct in any animal between the male and female is that the male protects and the female serves. The masters of the universe cannot be renamed the mistresses of the universe. As a female, I don't want to dominate, I want to be submissive and demure and all the feminine qualities and let the man be a man. If I take over the roles of men, then men will start to lose authority and many already have. Where do you see a strong spirited man now? All I see are strong spirited women. I am one of them too. But, I can't be dishonest to myself, I can't be truly happy with this change. This change is going against the very law of nature. However strong a woman is, she should try not to overrule a man just because she is strong. Make your man stronger if you are strong. Don't make him meek or you will be sorry.

For example, if you are a woman, and you are attracted to any man, as a woman you would want him to give you a tight hug. As a man he would want to crush you in his arms, right? You would want to yield to his physical strength, that would give you pleasure, the yielding and not otherwise. How can a mouse of a man be able to do that to a lion of a woman? tut tut!

get up MAN. 
A last message (appeal) to all men reading out there, what happened? Where are you hiding? The strong men who gave us our freedom? The men who respected women? You still have the balance of nature in your favour. You can't give up so easily. I wanted to be a man when I grew up, because I love men. Men who are the guardians and saviours of the world. Come on show the women the care you gave them and command respect not demand it. 
Be smart woman, hunting is tougher than cooking!
I am quite strong, I won't take nonsense or male chauvinism. I want to respect men, but men have to earn it too! Don't try to use authority on me, deal with me fairly. I don't ask for discounts, or a separate line for queue, if you can stand long enough so can I.  

Sure, both are at fault. Some bad men who misused their strength and power, abused women. Women in turn left the house and crossed the threshold of their homes, to take on those evil men and become independant. But surely, one must not get too carried away. All men are not evil, and all women need not look at men with contempt. Give a little, take a little. Men and women both need each other, but not try to dominate each other. Man gives woman takes. Keep it as simple as that. 
Keep it simple woman. You ask for dishes and then complain who will wash them?
Many women demand things, which only complicates their lives and instead of blaming the men entirely, think twice, who asked for a big house and more money and demanded so much from men that they had to distance themselves from you and work harder to get you things that he thought would make you happy. Did you not then complain that he was spending less time with you? You decide now, you want to spend time or his money?

I am not implying women are below men. She should be strong and sensible, yet she should not try to put down the man because she is strong, try to boss over him and take his place. She should try to encourage him, boost his confidence and build his psyche. This is for her own good. Nature has meant it to be that way. I am sure any woman, even the strongest will never be a truly happy one, with any man less stronger than her!

Please note; Stayfree is the reason I am writing this. And women could best stay free when she is at home, enjoying the leisurely afternoon naps or cuddling with their kids whenever they want to.
Also, I am not old fashioned at all. And I am not against liberalisation of women. But all I am saying is, a change is good if it has MORE benefits than harm!! Think about it.

Let the men do all the hard work, because they are meant to. No?

( I am sure, I will be sued by feminists!! Help!!)

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  1. yes, i do agree with u .what i feel that earlier only man was working for the family and woman served to her man but in that era woman was not educated and was not free to do what she wanted but today these women are highly educated and serves for thier family too. Now women are free to choose according lto thier need still its not so easy to kneel down for love in front of thier man who earns basic and not very educated also. If the womens are capable of breadwinning they won't settle for less.
    Here we have to understand that we are educated to make our lives easy but we make our lives hard due to pride and ego. But u as an educated woman still not lost her woman's place should be an eye opener for others.

  2. whoa whoa...
    Cool down ji, drink a thumps up :)
    Hell of a rant,,,, may i know who impressed you to write this?
    your view i totally understand and respect them...
    Men sometime do hard work, i accept that.
    But today's women never does any work, what about that ?
    Irrespective of the gender, whole Humanity is heading towards a wrong direction, it will be unfair to blame everyone for a single person.

    1. @ Dee,
      haha!I am cool as ice ice baby!
      Men "sometimes" work?
      Women never works? hehe!!
      WHO works all the time? :P

      You see, we have to get back on track and I feel women at home and men on field is the right direction. Earlier, only those women worked who had no male companion who would protect them.
      Now they work because its also fashionable or just that a housewife is looked down upon and just that they want to show that they are capable also.. I dont know.
      Sure men and women are at fault.. But I am appealing to men to become men and women to become women... simple!

  3. real brave take. kudos, very much impressed.

  4. Good one again..Brave approach too.