Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why all that glitters isnt gold?

What is gold?
Pure gold is a bright yellow metal which shines right through its core and doesnt even oxidies.
A lot of things glitter like gold, but it maybe some piece of cheap metal having a golden colour, which wears off eventually.
Apparently the cover outshines the content because the eye is the first and foremost judge to almost everything. As long as it is shining ( or rather as long as light falls on it) one can pass anything as gold, even human beings.
As such the colour and cover of any metal can be coloured yellow and so look like gold, which is why there are so many fake jewellery in the market and they sell like hot cakes !!!
Fake jewellery, fake people, fake businesses.. the list is endless but the light is on them, so they seem to be incandescent.
Whats more, most of us want to be in their shoes, emulate them, try to outshine others, doesnt matter if our insides are as dull as rusty iron, we want to shine shine and shine and be the center of attraction!

The point to ponder on is , does it by any way make us gold? Sure we glitter on the outside, so much light and focus on us and why not? We are working so much for the outer shine even letting go of our sense of right and wrong, letting go of our morals, but if we are rubbed against stone wouldnt the outer shine wear off after a few rubs?

Ha! who cares? Who wants to see within? As long as the eye is the lawyer and the heart the judge.
I used to wonder why is it that blind men generally have better judgement, now i know the answer, the fact that they cant see is perhaps the reason behind it.

Just like the shine is temporary, everything around is too, even the happiness that comes along with it.
Anything fake has fake returns is all I can say.

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  1. Rare words from a beauty lady, we men always thought that regarding gold, the lady of the home is beyond a discussion.
    i liked the line where u said blind men are able to judge things better.
    U touch strings and strange tunes flow.