Saturday, August 13, 2011

Man Woman

A man must earn and a woman must spend.. 

In order to continue to admire each other forever!!


  1. Sub i too had a similar reaction.

    Shazia , i have come to know u don't write lines like these chummma, may be there is a story sort behind this finish line.
    even though this itself is enough.

    I have heard,one person asked Mr Ford, "how come u are so rich".
    he replied" me and my wife have a pact, whether she can spend more than i earn, or the other way."
    so the admiration and the game.

  2. Nice one about Mr Ford, Venkhat.
    I didnt know somebody already stole my views!! :P

  3. The joy of having a beloved who can derive happiness from your resources is one of the greatest.