Thursday, April 7, 2011

Double storeyed farming

I was teaching my son history and I was explaining to him how the Aryans started immigrating to eastern Europe and western Asia, in need of more pasture lands, due to an increase in their own population.
Even the kings wanted to own more and more land to grow more food..

I was mentally thinking, what now?
We have been rising in population, and the land isn't going to increase. With tsunami's occurring often, more and more land can get submerged in water!
I suddenly has the idea of double storeyed farming. I shared this with a friend, and he said it would be difficult for the plant on the ground to get sunlight. I said it could be solved through mirror deflection. Also there are crops who may not need so much sunlight to grow, which can be grown on the ground also. The crops needing the most sunlight can be grown on top.

Quite a weird (but unique huh) idea, lets see if it comes true. So much weird things have already become truth and history. :)

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