Friday, April 22, 2011

desperate to be 18

You cant vote till you are 18.
You cant write a cheque till you are 18.
You cant go there, or do this, till you are 18.

Urghh!! The days preceding to my 18th birthday advanced at a snail's pace.
At last I was 18, and I wanted to fly. I felt I was free of the so many don't do's.
I was an adult now and people were going to take me seriously at last.
And not to mention the above 18 movies.. ;;)

I made a plan to celebrate my adulthood.
According to me, after 18 meant, I was eligible to make decisions for my self.
I wanted to go somewhere, with my friends and no parents or teachers.. just a group of my girl gang..
In retrospect, it wasn't very difficult to persuade my parents to let me go alone. Maybe in those days, it was less dangerous than now, or perhaps they had immense confidence in me! (wow)

So I made arrangements, planned a getaway to Darjeeling and Gangtok for a week and was gone with friends. We were 10 of us and we had a blast!.. We did all that boys would do to girls, we winked at boys, passed obnoxious comments, pointed at them, meaning we acted real coquettish. 

There was one particular group of boys who landed up wherever we went, and coincidently were also our travel companions on the train back home. Real cute guys :P
And I make no bones in saying that we did everything to make sure, they did not forget us for the rest of their lives.. ( have I forgotten? )

The freedom after 18 was all that was most important! And boy, did I enjoy!!

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  1. You sure seemed to have a wildish inauguration into adulthood.

    The coquettish blast must have be a Cleopatric style, poor chaps u must be still giving them a palpity heart in their present times.

    The wink must have collapsed at least one of the chaps, and made a falooda of the hormonic sexretions (it was a typing error, but i let it stay) of the handsome guys.

  2. Oh yes.. I was wild! Still, when I reminisce.. I feel I was truly blessed to have such wonderful parents who accepted my whims without as much as a whimper!

    That was the best trip of my life! Thanks to my parents a 100 times for letting it happen!

  3. Seems like lot of FUN..
    We are also plannin for a roadtrip soon.. and I can feel its going 2 b awesome :)


  4. oh yes i was also there junior though, as it was my big sister gang ,sweety you were always very bold and i was peeche peeche tumhare haina