Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just friends!

It was only natural and given for a girl to fall in love, and it surely happened to me on some occasions.
Although, it will be wrong to say that it was really love for me.
It must have been infatuation for I kept coming out of it and it never lasted enough for me to contemplate about any of them and marriage was out.. (never believed in love marriages anyways).

Sometimes, it wasn't love at all and the following was when it was more of a competition between friends about who gets him first!!
One of them, I met at an icecream parlour while I was hanging around with friends.
There was this really cute and fair and out of the movies kind and we stared at him and pointed fingers at him and made it fairly obvious that we were making all the noise for his sake! To be honest, most of the noise and hoopla was made basically by me alone.

We left soon after and I was suddenly overtaken by a bike rider who knocked on my window, and I was aghast to see the cute guy. He said he had been quite aware of us and wanted a telephone number for further exchange. I quickly gave him mine. When he was gone, my friend said, " you should have given him my number, it was me he was interested in." She said she was sure since she had caught him looking in the eye more than once. I differed to that, but I told her that it would be clear whom he sought, after he called.

Sure enough, he called and I was right because it was me he was interested in. :) After winning over a guy over my friend I was quite thrilled. My friend wasn't in any ways not pretty, she if at all was prettier than me.
I don't know why he chose me over her. Anyways, he didn't matter much to me, apart from being a prized catch. I thought I would just hang around with him for some days, since I was free at that point of time. I had no further interest in him, than having him as just a friend.

He called almost everyday and I chatted with him over the phone and met him for a couple of times. All was going well, until he proposed, well err actually I proposed for him, since he seemed to be very shy and I knew that he wanted more than just platonic friendship.  I had to make it clear to him then and there. That was the end of our comradeship. I don't know why cant boys and girls be just friends and not involve love in the relationship!

picture from here
Maybe my overtures and my gregarious nature made him think that way, maybe I shouldn't have encouraged him and kept distance.. but I behaved as I behaved with my girl friends and I wanted just friendship. I think I did!! Didn't I? :P

Perhaps I had the constant need of reassurance that I wasn't as ugly as mom made us think about us. I saw boys were attracted to me and I had more than my share of flings with the boys. Don't get ideas, I never crossed my limits.. I ain't that silly!

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