Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can do better..

To tell you the truth, I never aspired to come first.
Although, people told me I could, if I tried hard enough, I had the makings to get the top rank.
but I pitied the people who came "first," for two reasons. Firstly they slogged the whole year to come first and then they did (clap), and then they slogged hard to maintain status quo! Not to forget, they made more friends than enemies. Did I also forget to say, they didn't really have time for friends? Poor souls! I really pitied them.
How could I aspire to become that? No, I couldn't, wouldn't, daren't. :) I was only too happy to be receiving this comment from teachers and parent all throughout my academic life, (which is only school anyways), "Can do better."

I had the good fortune to be taught by the best teachers, and I love them and my alma mater. Some teachers boosted my ego like a balloon. I remember my maths teacher, particularly, who expected me to get 100 out of 100 and he compared me to a calculator. There was this girl in class, who bought with her a calculator, and sometimes when Sir was explaining some complex maths problem, he often asked her to do the quick calculation with her calculator and asked me to do it mentally and then challenged my speed!! I used to get :@. what is this? How can I calculate faster than the calculator? But, this was the kind of confidence he had in me! But nothing could make me come first, I never really tried. I was happy the way I was doing good, almost above average. Guess I was a real brat in all sense of the word!

I couldn't waste time with books if the weather outside was wowow or romantically raining! I always thought, "yeh din laut ke nahi aayenge." (meaning these days wont come again) and jumped out to play! So what if I got a few marks less? I was happy. Isn't Happiness is all that really matters?
Would I have any loving memories of childhood, if I goaded my head in textbooks and never had fun? Naah, I dont think so. I have no regrets.

Can do better? I think I did the best. What do you think?

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  1. I had never come first, for what? and why?

    It is a pity they did not have tests for who could sleep the most, or who could relish a dinner best, or who could play in the rain the longest, a pity the exams are all books oriented, or else we all would be first in some thing we like the most.
    The first rankers would have less friends i suppose or they would be outcasts as too studious.
    who would want a scientist for a friend?

  2. You are right. I had a large gang of friends and i didnt have the heart to choose books over precious friends and fun :-)

  3. you know shazia you can still do much much better in the world of blogging so best of luck your blogs of the past is like my blog as we were always together thank you so much for penning down memories muaah