Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great Expectations

I have seen so many times, that a rich man is very quick to announce his alliance with another rich(er) man, and will also go to lengths explaining that he is also a distant cousin (and how?) Seldom do we see them banging the church bell and acknowledging a poor man even if he is his closest cousin (or maybe brother). 

Its as if a girl cannot be just friends with a boy.
And why would a boy want to befriend a girl only for friendship? There is always an expectation of returns.. a just friendship and nothing else with the opposite gender just doesn't work.. Naah not possible!

Likewise a rich man cannot have poor relatives. Even if he has, he makes no bones about it for sure!
And why would the rich want to play relative relative to poor relatives? That poor relative will probably suck him out of all his riches, and where there is no return, the rich never invest! You can call it a trade secret!

And when its the matter of rich girl and poor boy or vice versa... no match at all!! noways especially in the current scenario where expectations has to match all the time! Bring in a poor girl and you get tied to poor relatives, so get yourself a rich girl (ugly will do) with a rich(er) father. duh! duh!

I know a hell lot of people who do the same, and seldom meet people who dont!

The moment a newbee (read richie rich) enters the social ladder, almost everyone is out to prove how he or his wife (or even his servant) is related to him in so and so (many long curvy) ways!

Pissed off!

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