Friday, April 29, 2011

chor chor

March 2008

I was driving a Maruti 800, while my mommy was sitting beside me. The windows were rolled down, and I had stopped at a red signal. My handbag lay on the front dashboard.
All of a sudden there was a hand, it swiftly grasped my bag and out of the window in a span of few seconds. Although my mom could have caught the hand, she was too stunned to react.
It took us another second to realize that the bag was stolen. The thief was running away with the bag, and my mommy got out of the car and shouted, chor chor!

Thankfully we were just behind one auto rickshaw, and that auto rickshaw wala on hearing our plea for help, deftly started his auto and ran after the thief and confronted him from the other side. I also started my car and started to race it towards the thief. I stopped the car(actually almost bumped into a pavement, in my panic I had forgotten where the brakes were!) and got out and started running alongside the auto wala in the middle of the road.

Soon, some local people also joined in the race. The thief in panic had jumped over an empty truck and then when he jumped out of it, he no longer had the bag with him. There were some pedestrian dwellers who had seen him dropping the bag in the truck and one of them jumped in the truck to fetch my bag. As soon as I got my bag, I checked the contents, which were intact.

Meanwhile the auto rickshaw wala and other local people had caught the thief and they asked me to hand him over to the police station. I went and reprimanded the thief for stealing my bag. he was begging for mercy and asked me not hand him over to the police. He looked so weak and poor, I felt pity for him and let him go.

I gave a 100 rupee note as a thank you to the auto wala who had acted out of humanity and helped me get my bag back. I looked back where the crowd with the thief was, he was gone and the crowd dispersed as quickly as it had gathered.

As an afterthought, I wanted to give the thief some money, I thought maybe he was hungry and he stole out of desperado!? He sure looked so weak and hungry. I still regret not being able to help the poor thief.. What caused him to steal?

am too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and are helping me do my bit for the society.
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