Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This year summer wont be hot for my kids.
School has installed AC for all classrooms. cool! They were ecstatic and bragged about it to other cousins.
Not to forget, the smart classes which uses the internet is also installed in their classrooms! I hope some of them can become a second Einstein.. so much facility they get! Isnt it directly proportionate to expectations/results?

I see kids dont need the AC really.
I have seen my kids play and then sometimes are so tired, they go to sleep straightaway without even switching on the fan. I see them sleeping soundly and switch on the fan or sometimes the AC. As a parent I am worried for the comfort of my child. I feel sad if he is sleeping without the AC.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he was telling me about the expenses of the hostel in which his son studies. He said that since his son has opted for the AC hostel the expenses are more.

I thought how nice! The kids are given the perfect atmosphere to be nicely cushioned.
Later on in life, if they complain, because they don't get what they want within their comfort zone, then is it their fault? No. We have brought them up to be nice and comfortable. How the hell do they know what it is to slog in the middle of the day without an AC.

I even see houses now built with an AC provision, the ceilings are lower and even the glass windows are seldom opened for fear of dust( the showpieces get dusty na) and insects!

I have a friend, he complains about the heat often and despite my repeated requests will not install an AC. He says, he doesn't want to indulge, and he can well afford it! WOW

As I write this, sitting in an AC room, am wondering.. What a life!!

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  1. I had the luxury of a hill station schooling, well may be for the present this ac classroom is a days scholars gift.

    Like u said may the kids find that Einstein in themselves of their category.