Friday, April 15, 2011

figuratively speaking

figure it out

big figure
small figure
both figures in figure
the first figure appeals to females
the second figure appeals to men!

Now figure it out?


  1. The big figure refers to the bank balance which a lady adores in a man's account or her account.

    The second figure is a mans waist in inches, which he admires in himself.

  2. that's a tough one for my small brain...
    but i kind of like what venkhat said....
    waste and money...that sounds funny!

  3. Well, Venkhat got the first one right..but in my mind it was the bank balance of the male which attracts women. The second one was the small figure of a woman which a man is attracted to.

    @ Sub, you rhymed the both of them and made them funny.. and welcome on board! :)