Friday, April 29, 2011

hi-society blues!

Last weekend, there was a party at the most affluent relative in our circle of relatives!
Needless to say, there was a lot of fuss on dress! My mil was specifically concerned that I wore a presentable dress. Reason? Of late, I have taken a fancy to sanyaas, meaning I don't care if my horoscope says, that I will never be contented, I want to contradict that and be contented. As a result of which I have stopped buying and instead have tried to recycle and mix n match, sometimes even borrow to wear!

At the party, a it usually happens, everybody is busy flaunting their expensive dresses and artificial smiles.. Each one is trying to outdo the other in respect of anything, be it foreign holidays, expensive jewellery or even number of servants!

Following is an excerpt of my conversation with her.. ( I added some zing to the morbid conversation to make it funny and readable!)

One lady said; "Nowadays, a cook is a necessity and almost each household must have one!
Me; "Err? I beg to differ, so what do you do? perhaps teach kids?"
She; "Oh no, I cant teach my kids, I send them for tuition, they are such brats, dont listen to me at all!"
Me; "Ok, so perhaps you are working?"
She; "Me work? Why would I work? My husband works, I dont need to work."
Me; "hmm, so its a good life for you, no work, just eat sleep and be merry."
She; "Oh no, cant be eating and sleeping, I have got to watch my weight, I only drink, liquid diet, you see. Then I have to go to the gym and workout!" (FYI: she was as thin as a stick)
Me; "I see, gymming must tire you?
She; "Yes, it does, its very tiring, so I go alternate days."
Me; "What do you do on the days you dont go to the gym?
She; "Oh lots of things, sometimes I have to go to the market, sometimes to the beauty parlor, sometimes to the tailor." She went on, "market reminds me of the new lip color launched by Lakme, have you seen it? I bought it last time, it was such a nice new mauve, with a hint of purple and pink both. Now I am on the lookout for a dress to match that lip color, I hope I find it soon, otherwise I will have to order for it in the boutique. Then of course buy a mauve pair of sandals to go with it, and a host of other accessories!
Me, "WOW! that is such an intimidating task. When I get my daughter married I will ask you to do her wardrobe!" ;))

She was pleased and I was pleased to leave her! whew!

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  1. when i get a chance i like to take some non thinking nut case for a ride along with their own words,it would be like a masala dosai.

    A man would find it difficult to get a single word in between a conversation between two girls.

  2. Yeah usually talking to a nut case is urrghh :@
    But, I control myself and try to get a laugh out of it!