Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This happened to me..

I got up with a start, looked at the time.. it was 5:10. I thought the clock had stopped and then I looked at the mobile phone and there also it was same time, I was shocked, I could see light outside the window. It was unusual to have so much light at this time of the day. Did the sun get up early now? My son was sleeping beside me. I started waking him up.. "get up get up.. wont you go to school? get up.." he wouldn't budge.

Then I looked around me and saw that I was sleeping on the bed with its cover on. I thought, did I sleep last night with the cover on? I tried to recall, but I had no recollection of the previous night. I was blank!
It was so wierd. After about 2 minutes,reality sunk in and I was relieved that it was just evening, and this was just an afternoon nap! How come I felt otherwise? Why wasn't my brain functioning normally?

I had slept only for about half an hour, and I felt I had slept throughout the night...The important thing is that it took me much more than usual to see reality!

I am still bewildered!

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  1. I have had similar experience and it lasts like u said only for a short duration.

    The biological clock wakes us up at the right time, but goes dizzy in the am pm deciphering.

    The wake up/bewildered expression is great, i have been told that a girl looks best and natural at the time of wake up...... well venkhat goes to see that picture again of shazia

  2. it happens so many times...It meant you had a sound sleep...that is good :-))

  3. Oh! and I thought I was only one going crazy and hallucinating! :P
    And yes I did have a sound sleep. Sound sleep is bliss! Doesn't happen often!

  4. :) Yeah it happens...
    Infact, at my place, there is no concept of day n night.. so we sleep at days and work at night n sometimes vice-versa.. mornings n evenings always confuse me ..

  5. Hi Aakash,
    you live in a strange place!! ;)