Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring beauty!

I mentioned earlier (problem of plenty ).
Being a Jack of all, its in my inherent nature to keep trying all sorts of things.. 
When I am doing a particular thing at a time.. I am completely enamored with it and then it becomes my life and passion. I don't know for how long.. it might be a temporary fad and fade away like the rest of them.

I came across a blog a couple of days ago, thanks to Shiju who dropped in to comment, I went to check him out and I was floored by his photographs and then I thought, why not give this a try as well!!
Thank you Shiju for being a turning point!
Yes, you guessed it.. I am going to be a photographer, at least for a while!
This wasn't an entirely a new idea, but not being able to go out, I often wondered what could I click in the vicinity of my house alone? I thought about the sunsets and moon, but I am not equipped with a very good camera to be able to zoom them.. I thought like everybody thinks.. taking pictures of something extraordinary could only be found if I had more exposure to outside world.. wished like everybody to be a bird and to be able to have a bird's eye view and I cribbed being an ant. I assumed I was like the ant but now I think that for the ant, the world is much much more beautiful than us!

Here are the first few shots tried by me. I hope to improve more!

PS.. These are flowers from my garden!


  1. Fantastic! Don't kid me. You are such a talent. I am in awe.

  2. Great work! We have same kind of interest!

  3. "Talent se hari bhari hamaari Shaazi" good work I'm impressed Shaazi.

  4. Ding the fantastic hi- zoomed cameras, u seem to be doing good with what u have,and if the butter flies come there to visit it sure must be a nice garden.

  5. very nice idea
    and very nice clicks
    keep it up sweety
    and i agree that Shiju clicks awesome pics

    Even the caps cant express how thankful I am to all of you for the words of encouragement.
    @Venkhat, Yes my garden is lovely and in full bloom, I will upload some pictures of my garden shortly for you to see, since I know you are a gardener!