Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I recently came across an article http://www.reachouthyderabad.com/cheers/99club.htm, called "The 99 club."
I have joined this club, not because I got 99 coins but because where there was 1 visitor before, and now there are more and I keep striving to make it 100.

When I started blogging, few visited me and I was OK with my blogging and quite conscience free, but since I have installed feedjit, and the blogger has an added stats tab, my constant worry for ," did I get a visitor and if yes just how many, has got me jittery.
Am I showing on the google search?
If yes, what are the key words which point to my blog.
Lately a lot of people are turning in to one post of my blog! http://shaziawish.blogspot.com/2011/01/making-india-proud-my-kids-way.html

Since all this, I am developing a kind of hysteria, and thinking about a lot of things, (obviously to write on) so much so that my mind seems to be exhausted and too tired but it isn't stopping, the imagination is stretching its wings, just like the tummy which keeps stretching as you keep feeding more and more into it. the same is happening to my poor little used-to-relax and take-it-easy brain!

Anything I see or read, it becomes the food for thought and my seeking brain laps it all up, and leaves me with indigestion!

If one has an habit of overeating, he/she becomes fat, so he can go on a diet or if he has faaltoo more money, he can join the VLCC's of the world (sorry to VLCC folks, no offence meant to you). But, what about this? how to reduce the size of the brain once it increases?? Now, is this turning into another food for thought? eeeks no more!! :D

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  1. Shazia so u have got caught in that number 99, now nothing can be done with it, we will all enjoy your mind and its games, with words.

    It is this 99 which makes great sales in the prize tag, and there is another story.

    There was a care free person who was so free that the king of the nation got jealous of his relaxedness, he asked his advisor to break it with a method.

    The adviser asked the king to grant him a bag of gold containing 99 coins, the chap had to work hard to get that unfinished number, and he is still at it.

  2. hehe, Venkhat, If you went through the link I posted, It IS about the care free happy person story who later becomes unhappy because of that 99 coins given to him by the king...
    :) Yes, 99 IS a great price tag too!!

  3. Next time i will first go thro the links before i get to add to your wish and make comments.
    i think we do have a frequency link Shazia , i will wait at times to let u get to type things first.