Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why should boys have all the fun?

I always thought, Why should boys have all the fun?
Yeah, I know it sounds like the tv ad for the Hero Honda pleasure, but I swear they stole my idea (dont know how they did that.)

Anyways, boys seem to be doing the most outrageous things and nobody minded.
But I did, I definitely had a mind of my own. They seemed to be out of the house all the time, and adda marooing (chatting with gang of friends) away with friends or playing on the road. Did you ever see a girl playing on the road? All hell would break lose if some gang group of girls wanted to play on the road! I was pissed. X(
Why, they even walked in the middle of the road, as if baap ka maal ho (property of father).

I wanted no less, I would get my friends and get to a corner, and talk aloud and guffaw literally. My friends tried to quieten me, saying.. everyone is watching! I would be remain unyielding and replied," never mind, even girls can maro adda!"

Cheeky that I was and full of scorn for boys, I walked in the middle of the road, and I never moved till the car behind me honked at least thrice. That was my way of getting back, "yeh raasta mere bhi baap ka hai!" :P

I even played all boys games, be it flying of kites or spinning the top or marbles,  played them all.
Aah, How can I forget the cigarette? Of course I took the puffs (though I loved my life too much to ever inhale it) and tried to give out rings of smoke and showed off in front of boys.

All just to prove a point, I am a girl, but apart from that, no less than you guys!!

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  1. Shazia, did u get invited to be part of the boys gang?
    Looks like u could do better than the guys at the rings of smoke, which comes after packets of cigarettes of blowing them.

  2. No, I would never let the boys invite me.. never considered them my equal. rofl
    And for the rings, it didn't really take much practice.. and if i am allowed to boast a little, (you know my first time photographic skills..) I don't really need to put much effort ;).. good at almost anything and everything!! :P