Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Child or children?

Are children the cause of being rich or poor?
When I had my 3rd baby,  some people looked at me as if i had committed some sin!
Will my baby be the cause of my wealth dwindling?
IS that why the rich have only one or maximum 2 kids?

My maid has 10 kids.
I was thinking if she can raise 10? why do people 100 times richer than her raise even half her number?
what is it that we will have to forgo? If we have 2 kids, it is ok. the moment the 3rd arrives, the problem arises.
will we have to go out less? less trips and holidays?
less parties and less diamonds?

A friend said very emphatically that one child doesn't divide the property and hence the family remains rich!
I think a rich family instead of overindulging with their kids should have more kids so that their expenses remain at a level where they are not able to indulge the child, and make him or her a spoil't rich brat!
How the hell would the child know the importance of owning without depravity?

Supposing I have 1 lakh to buy techstuff for kids.. I would surely buy a macbook if I had one child, a laptop if I had 2 and a notebook if I had 3? Does giving the child a macbook more imp?
Regular expenses is a little bit of a problem, where in you have to give the needs of food and clothing, still if one is rich enough, that can be done without much of a problem!

It would do some good to the kid to be left in wanting. Thats a good thing.. to remain in want! Its the force of want which keeps you going and striving and having hope!

There are some who would say that we can have one and still not indulge, but I think the majority of us don't know where to draw the line, and as I said in an earlier post, its very hard to say NO to your kid, especially if he is going to be the only breadwinner in the family in future, so you got to treat him good so that he treats you OK when you grow old!

Apart from all this, the child grows up knowing how to share and care and fight and forgive.. ( I could go on) with their brothers and sisters. Overall I think, very good for the psyche.

PS. Sorry, one child is a NO NO for me and China may not agree. Thats ok, as long as India keeps the mantra "hum do hamare do"(we 2 and our kids 2), even 2 is better than 1. :)

Apart from doing the child good, its a very good lesson for the parent too. The parent has to be nuetral and understand the shades of characters each of her child possesses and be more reciprocal with each one of them.
Let me explain via an example.. My elder SIL (sister in law) had her first child after I had had 2 kids. Once while I was in the same city as she was, and she was going to travel (by flight) to our in laws, where I would also join some time later. I wanted to send my elder daughter with her so that her school wouldn't be missed and I could have an extended holiday. She was so reluctant to take my daughter with her, she said she wouldn't be able to keep a watch at 2 kids at the same time and her hands would be full with her kid (my daughter was 2 and a half years old). I didn't say anything because probably she was anxious for her only child and maybe didn't know how to take care of 2 kids together. My second kid was just a few months older to her first kid. Anyways, such is destiny, that she now has 4 kids and she still remembers the day when she was so fussy about taking my kid with her, and now she did confess to me, that she felt bad about it and that now with her 4 kids, wouldn't I think how was she travelling now?

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