Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bend it like Bush

My mummy used to tell me, " Don't be like the stiff trees which get uprooted in times of storms, but be the short shrub which bends itself when the storm comes and then pulls back to its upright position after the storm."

Guess I was stiff and unyielding, most of the times, and in most cases had an irresistible urge to be like the tree.

And why not? The tree was more powerful and beeg. The tree symbolized all that I idolized. I could never bring myself to think like the bushes. The tree had more pros than cons, and in my mind's eye, the pros of the tree was all that mattered. For me, being a tree was nothing bad and not all trees got uprooted in the storms.. at least the more sturdy ones still remained.. So, I thought I was one of those types. the sturdy 100 year old banyan types!

Did I last? well.. umm, don't know for sure, only time will tell! :)

PS.. most of the times I don't admit to doing things because I don't like to even voice it. I may have bent several times and that may be the reason I am still there... :P (there, I said it)

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  1. I had been with the silver oaks for long and i have them in my mind and heart, the way they sway, will not be noticeable, but they do and they are sturdy.
    U may be one of them, there is another thing, the breeze bring on a music thro' them, hear yourself, and listen to the songs.
    Mom is right, but that is only for the routine regular ones.
    There are no single liners for unique folks.

  2. Oh! Thanks. Must look up silver oaks, and to think of it, the burden of guilt of not heeding my mom, weighed on me till now. Phew!
    By the way, am still travelling the north east.. Will write about the trip on my return! :)