Friday, March 4, 2011

the middle verses

Today while listening to some of my favorite songs I concentrated on the lyrics.
Usually I am unable to memorize the lyrics of songs and can remember only as far as the opening lines are concerned and the rest is all about the tune..

Today while listening to one of my favorites, the middle lines caught me off guard.. it was wowow!
This one was from "mujhe tum mil gaye humdum" and the middle verses which caught my ear was,"yeh main jaanoon, yeh tum jaano, ishara ho tho aisa ho."

Obviously, from then on I started to look for more good ones inside the songs I like and soon I got another from "tumhi tum ho" and the lines were "ek ho mere tum is jahan mein, ek hai chanda jaise gagan mein." Amazing lines, I wonder how did the brains of those people worked who penned down such lovely lyrics! WOW, totally floored..

Another one from Masoom, my favorite movie, ""mukaraaye tho muskurane ke karz utarne honge
muskaraaoon kabhi tho lagta hai , jaise honthon pe karz rakha hai ".. wowow!
More to be added as and when I come across some other good ones which strike a chord within me :)

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