Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why pity your love?

What is love?
What is pity?
Are we tempted to love or like the ones whom we pity, or who in some way or the other looks like a suffering victim in the hands of fate or otherwise.
Ever noticed the most likeable character from any story, is the one who is most deprived and sad?
Why do we love the sad stories of others?

The protagonist of any story is seldom a very happy go lucky (read happier than us) kind of a person.
From the fairy tales to novels and movies, the sad ones are the most lovable ones. Take the example of Cindrella, our heart went out for her and we were so happy when she got the prince finally!

Why do they attract us? Do we like the fact that we are in a better position than them?
Does their apparent bad condition make us feel good by comparison?

Seen Tom and Jerry? Our heart is in Jerry, he is tiny and cute and is forever escaping Tom much to our relief! But, when Tom is being chased by the bulldog, we dont feel a thing for Tom!

Most often than not, we find ourselves falling in love with these characters. My question is, is it love or is it pity? Can we love without pity? Pity without love?

Do I hear a, " I love you," actually meaning, "I pity you?" :-/

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  1. i dont remember a time when i felt pity, that is a degradation of the other, i see how honorable that person has fought to be what he is inspite of his position.

    He is bringing out his best.

    I try to see sharpness and clarity and a creativity when there is an appreciation.

    "Love" is a term which could mean that for logic, but love is something that is beyond all explanations.

  2. :) Hey venkhat! I just wondered aloud, I am a bit taken aback by the feelings of love, especially when the other is wounded or sad!
    Maybe love cannot be defined, yet it has different perspectives!