Friday, March 11, 2011

learn to say NO

Its in built in us to compromise.. to give in.. to keep nodding..

Even I am trying to learn.. but I feel guilty as soon as I say NO.
My mind fatigues me with.. you pressurized the poor fellow, that was an outright insult and you were rude, you should have been more reasonable and adjusting!

And while I am still learning to say NO, I am teaching my kids, especially my daughter to say YES, to compromise, to nod, to let go..forgive and forget.

This probably explains the reason for me being a shopaholic. Could never say NO to the shopkeeper and ended up buying a whole lot of unwanted stuff. But I am learning, learning the ropes.. :)

I read this somewhere which made a lot of sense to me, " learn to say NO in a relationship, rather than saying NO to the relationship."

Easy to teach, hard to implement. NO?

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  1. Shazia i am reminded of a song " just say yes to life ( read it with a tune in your heart)
    stay the yes sayer Shazia even if u end up buying the whole market, u can always resell it as a price,or better turn to shop keeping too.

    Yes easy to teach and hard to implement

  2. :) See, I cant even say NO to you, so I most probably will remain the eternal Noddy.

  3. But u said NO to me :)

  4. @ Riaz. Did I?
    I just crossed a milestone with you.