Monday, March 14, 2011

Till I saw.

I wept because I had no shoes... till I saw somebody uncomfortable in them.

I wept because I had no network...till I saw 
people committing virtual suicides.

I cribbed to reach the top... till I saw 
it was so lonely there.

I wept when I fell down... till I saw 
there were many there.

I missed my past... till I saw 
the real gift in the present.
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  1. We shud b happy n thankful in wotever we got bcoz God always chose best for us... :)

  2. That was very ingeniously penned piece. We need to innovate even sayings in this fast changing world. :)

  3. Thank you!
    To be honest, the first line on shoes was one I have grown up reading, it was written on a sheet of metal and hung on my mom's cupboard.

  4. i had seen the first line with a little difference,
    I wept and wept i had no shoes, until i saw a man who had no feet.
    I am trying to see the connections between network and virtual suicides.
    and living in the present, is what i have been hearing and reading lately as the best of times.
    thanks Shazia

  5. :) oh welcome Venkhat,
    The shoe one was the same I wrote, when I first read it, it didn't make sense to me.. the sense came very gradually.. and gradually is years!!