Sunday, March 6, 2011

organizing my wires

Today I was cleaning behind the TV. Now there is an extension cord behind the TV which holds a gamut of appliances, the cordless charger, the mobile charger, the home theater, the laptop charger, the modem plug, my son's PS3 plug..  Not to mention the cable wires and the telephone wires which came from outside to kindle life into my modem/phone and TV

Since long, the wires always seemed to get entangled however much I tried to put them in order by tying the extra lengths and keeping the counter as wire free as possible..
This time I got an idea *-:) and I straightened all the wires and aligned it against the wall and stuck broad transparent cello tape over it, now it looks so organised and the counter is wire free! #:-S

I did all this with a little bit of my daughter's help, she held the wires while I stuck the tape or she cut off the tape and passed them to me. I proudly told her, "see how nicely I have engineered this." To which she replied, "If this is engineering, we need not study it, because its just common sense!"
I said." right, but it is applied common sense."

I was wondering, our head is like that, full of mixed thoughts (wires). The only way to disentangle those wires inside my mind is through common sense and more than that applied common sense..

Don't think proper (ego), think common (humble) !

Time to organize my wires :) And blogging is sure helping a lot!

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