Thursday, March 10, 2011

travel in sleeper class

I used to travel sleeper class long time before.
When I married, it stopped. Then it was always an AC class.

My friend teases me and calls me a snob, RC (I used to think RC was red carpet till I was told it was rowdy club). Urgh . x( I have no qualms going any class, but my friend insisted that sleeper was a NO NO for the likes of me.

Now being the person I am, I am mighty intrigued by challenges. The moment somebody tells me, you cant do this, my mind and heart is set on doing it! Come what may, I will prove that I can do it! The motto burns into my mind,"NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE."

I managed to persuade everyone to allow me to travel in the sleeper, and I assured everybody that it was going to be OK and I had my aunt travelling with me. Of course I had heard stories of how terrible and cramped and smelly and dirty the sleeper travel is, but this did not deter me. I took some room sprays to combat with the smell and some small rags to wipe the seat if they were dirty.

It was winter so I packed some blankets for they don't give them to you in sleeper. The day travel was good enough and I traversed event less. We finished dinner just around 10 pm, that was the time we were going to enter the region of Naxalites. We slept soon after dinner. After an hour or so, there was some loud noises and I woke up to see swarms of men inside the coach and they didn't care it was almost midnight and passengers might be asleep. They went on with their loud banter and as if that wasn't enough, they started encroaching our seats. Some even squatted on the ground because all seats had sleeping occupants.

I was quite safe sleeping in the middle berth, but poor aunt, she was almost cramped on her own (lower) seat. I was wondering why was she keeping quiet and not asking the men to leave her seat alone and that they were pressing against her. I was to know later that they were probably naxals and my aunt had been dead scared to even move while they kept pressing against her for more space!

One guy tried to put his bag where my feet were, but I wasn't going to tolerate this and I pushed the bag sleepily away, with my foot, feigning a, oh! I did it accidentally. :P I even asked them in a rather annoyed manner, " Where are you all going?" Sometime later some uniformed men came inside but they too didn't seem to mind the commotion and the ticket less passengers!

Well, naxals or not, if I was on the lower seat and if they did as much as keep a part of their ass backside on my seat! I am sure I would have not let them. As it is the seats are too narrow for even a single person!

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  1. A princess blogger with adventure in her veins, travels with the commoner and gets to know the ways of the midnight gangsters who go around ticket less to reach home, for a late night dinner.

  2. @ venkhat.. Am no princess.. Hehe.
    But I like to do things unconventionally!
    Maybe that gives me aa high!