Thursday, October 21, 2010

problem of plenty

See, I dont want to talk big, and I sincerely apologize if what I am going to write sounds like beeg mouth (or as my daddy calls me "A Snob")
I was awesome, since I was small. I kept discovering that I was quite good in anything I did, it was only a matter of interest. If something intrigued me enough, I set my mind and heart on it.
I will try to put them in chronological order..

While still a child I was good in swimming, so I was a swimming champ (of course! only in my mind)
In fact I liked playing a lot, any kind of sport (considering that I considered my self to be a boy, I preferred outdoor sports) and I was game for it. As I grew up, I found cycling very exhilarating, so cycle champ! (again in my mind)

I used to scribble whenever I had a pencil in my hand, my fingers went hm mmm mm... Suddenly the scribbles turned into intrinsic designs and I started creating lovely designs, it could be used to design textile, jewellery, mehndi. bindi... Some scribblings I found along with my books..
                                                                  free hand scribblings!

My art teacher was awed and called me a jewel which was not cut yet (like an uncut diamond). She implored me to take up Arts in higher classes. (though I promised her, I never did)

Then I was coaxed by my sister to learn some embroidery, I found I was excellent in needle work and it earned me laurels from my mother in law, who was delighted by my needle art. I was not too bad in tailoring and could stitch anything to perfection. (blush)

What I am trying to say here is that I had a problem of plenty, meaning since I was so good in so many diverse things, I got confused at times, and didnt know what to really take up seriously enough!
Maybe I was just a jack (in the box) of all and master of none!
When there is plenty to choose, we choose plenty! no?

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  1. Maybe I was just a jack (in the box) of all and master of none!

    i knew the existence of this line coming next, before i read it

    There is no need to be a master, when u are the jack.
    If u have played a card game called"28" u will know.
    Let all those trades and actions surface again another sport may get a name.