Friday, October 8, 2010

Money and Culture

My sister wrote this on her facebook status update
Money comes fast and goes fast but culture comes slow and goes also very slow"
This got me thinking...
I realized the importance of culture.
Culture imbibes in us the ability to digest money.
When we have culture we do not give money much importance.

The upcoming gen next sure knows how to make smart and quick money, but alas! they do not know how to save it!

We can derive from this, the fact that culture makes us cautious and if we have culture, money is sure to come, but no smart hot money, but slowly slowly, solid and lasting.

With money and no culture.. money does not stand a chance.
With money and culture.. money stays.
So money is directly proportional to culture.

So all you guys reading this.. get a brush up on culture, before its too late!!


  1. Lovely thought - culture is really hard to acquire and therefore hard to lose!


  2. Shazia,i liked the ending,like a maths theorem.

    We villagers have the culture, but it is fast eroding with the multi banks around and the fast track cars comming into our mud track roads.

  3. Yeah I know.
    Like my papa says "Its not our fault, there are just too many attractions out there, it is damn difficult to refrain and control our nerves, (though he has steel nerves himself)"