Sunday, October 31, 2010

the bindi and the mangalsutra!


I am a muslim and we dont wear the bindi and the mangalsutra when we marry.
But, damn it, I simply adore it!
I always loved the typical indian attire, complete with the bindi and bangles! so pretty...
Muslims wear bangles, but not bindi. It is said that the place where I stick the bindi on my forehead will be scorched with fire in hell, so its a taboo. But that didnt stop me from wearing it to school, or to a non muslim party.
I think it suited me, the forehead looked so empty without one.
When I was in high school and went for Saturday extra classes (and movies thereafter) the bindi was a must.
I almost wore it on my engagement till a religiously fanatic relative struck it off my forehead. I was boiling inside but I exercised control, after all I was the bride..
The bindi wish was fulfilled...but I never got to wear a mangalsutra..
Its a nice necklace with a string of black beads and a gold locket at the center...
I thought to buy one at the time of my marriage, but didnt, er...well couldnt, had already bought loads of gold!
I thought I would buy it later, but yet I never came around to buying one..
As I write this, in the middle of the night, I almost have the urge to buy one straightaway, but the shops would be closed.. tomorrow then.. eeeks tomorrow is a Sunday! (not to mention gold is at Rs 20000 per 10 gms)
Oh! I almost forgot the payal.. the one with ghungroos (bells). This is forbidden too, but I have more than one, though I dont wear them, but am thinking of wearing it tomorrow..
Enough is enough, and in any case Adam and Eve couldnt resist the forbidden fruit and I am just a mortal woman


  1. Hey Shazia, this is nicely written. and straight from the heart too. Also, you live in the city I grew up in and one I adore. Nice to read your blog. Do keep writing

  2. Yours lines are more like Scarlett O Hara . i would not be surprised if u have a grand ma far behind from Ireland.

    I would love to see that boiling bride,in fury, these are the ones who bring changes to humanity, for its well being.

    The bindi is a terrafic varma touch centre, the christian acknowledge it when they put the sign of the cross, but i hate to discuss it,lest it cause a rift, where there is non.

    For me u get to be the rebel RABIYA the blogger.

  3. :), i am surprised.. there is another friend who said i was like her loong time back!!

  4. do u like sindoor....?

  5. yesss.. I do!! The smart thin chic ones.yesss.. I do!! The smart thin chic ones.

  6. If u bought a mangulsutra and u sometime's wear it but u don't know that its a religious necklace,and if youre a muslim do u have to sell it?