Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hooked on books

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The merit goes to my kindergarten friend for introducing me to books.
Well, she does not remember me though I found her on facebook, and I don't blame her (nothing special about me)

My first book was the ginger bread boy, yes it was a fairy tale but I was in KG remember!
I was unstoppable. As soon as a book finished I wanted another, used to sneak and hide and read just like the kid in the bajaj ad. Nowadays I rarely find any child reading like that, they are more into movies, cartoons, gameboy, psp, wii..I was wondering, if the ad was released now, it would sound so obnoxious, after all, very few can relate to reading ( even story books) with that kind of fervor ( my kids don't).

Once, my exams were just over (I was 12), I wanted a book desperately but my mom wouldnt take me to the market to buy me one. Being the angry girl that I was, I set out on foot even though I had a very vague idea of the directions to the market. (quite a distance from my house) and I being mostly chauffeur driven, had never embarked on a foot journey. I went on walking and after walking for nearly an hour I had not yet reached it, suddenly I got scared and fear got the better of me so I decided to call it quits and turned back. Since I was tired by walking so much I took a rickshaw ( hand pulled one). I had the better sense not to take a cab (fear of kidnap).

I swiftly progressed from the fairy tale books to Nancy Drews, MB's, Chase, Sheldon, Robbins, Segal, Archer, Steele,  more recently Dan Brown, Ayn Rand, Gardener to name a few. Of course there were comics .. like tinkle, chandamama, chacha chaudhury, mandrake, phantom, tintin and of course Archie.

Books are my best companion, second only to the internet now... :P cant go on blaming the kids for their game frenzy, when I am also addicted to the net now!


  1. I started with comics at 3rd standard,Richie rich, hot stuff, Little Lotta, polka dot,mandrake, phantom,(my nick name in school was pygmy,it still stays for them,35 years after leaving school)Sunday morning studies was officially for comics.

    Enid Blyton series and others came along,and folks around me thought i was crazy when i got loads of books to my room from the lending library.
    Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes were my favorites among the detectives.

    Chennai Higginbothams was my book joint, and book fairs were my carnival days, later i found Landmark at Coimbatore.I liked Menaka Gandhi in her "Heads and tails".

    I did get a catalog from " the other india press" from goa, they print what others refuse to print.

    I liked Hermen Hesse "siddarth" and got to read Osho titles.

    With the help of Yoda i have started to blog. thanks to her and others i have suddenly realized there is soo much to read,of authors who are going to become well known later.

  2. I can see that you are reading all my blogs one by one.. which shows you are an avid reader..