Friday, October 22, 2010

No Dilwale for me :(

Ahem ahem! This would sound very filmy.. But its true.

I have already mentioned I was engaged just after high school, and that was the year I went to my last school trip with friends. The movie, DDLJ was released on 20th October 1995 and I went on the trip in December 1995.
In the movie, the heroine is already engaged to someone she has never met by her conservative father, and on a trip with her friends when she meets her love..This was similar to my situation where I was also engaged, never seen my fiancĂ©, and on a trip. My friends and teachers kept comparing me to the character of the girl in the movie. Inadvertently, I started wishing..maybe I would too...meaning.... find my love :P
Unlike the heroine who was in London and her trip was the swiss alps (oh lalala), I had to make do with south India! Thinking that anyone could be the ONE for me, I was very vigilant and one could call it, quite open to flirtatious endeavors.

It almost happened in Bangalore, I was at Big Kids Kemp, and the salesman was a really cute guy, and he gave me a lot of attention (and I let him). I was trying to pick up a tie and there was so many and I couldnt decide which one to take, and suddenly I did not want to buy any. But since it would sound rude of me to say I didnt like any, after he had shown me hundreds of ties, I coyly told him that I liked the one he was wearing and that nothing he showed me was as good as his tie! He said, it was bought from some other shop and there was not much chance of it being in the store, but he would still try and check with all his might. I was quite relieved and I thought that he would never find it and I would have saved my money..Lo and behold! he got it in 5 minutes and there was more than one! naturally I had to pay for my overtures. It was a cheap tie and that salesman must have got it for 5 times lesser than what I paid for it. It still has never been worn and serves only as a memoir of that incident!
The Tie still packed!
The rest of the trip was fun, but event less!

I went back and married the one my father chose for me.. period!


  1. Many marry the one they Love,
    in our region, there are a few who get to Love the one they Marry.

  2. Very true Indeed!
    Still, I was a teenager and living in fantasy world.