Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why do we contradict?

I got a promotional call from Vodafone. They said I had an offer of sending free joke sms for a fee of Rs 10.
This cracked me up.. free with a fee!

Haven't we lived a life saying something and doing something, so now its the new way of marketing too.
Do they really think people to be so naive to actually fall for this, or maybe they do, cause its happening all around. Even the banks sell policies by saying that its for free and then they charge a fee!!

I contradicted myself when I wrote a blog on Why is silence golden? in this blog. I shouldn't have written it, and as per the person who commented, shouldn't have commented on it, had he understood it! confused? Read again. If confused again, keep reading, because even though I said silence is golden, I wont shut up.

More on this later...


  1. Only those who make a lot of wordings and sayings will know that Silence is golden, i will read that article later.

    I like contradictions, makes me angry at that instant, but makes me think later about another s view.

  2. oh! by asking why do we contradict I meant why do we contradict ourselves? Of course, contradictions or debate help us to learn more from another point of view..