Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tryst with writing.

I thought I loved numbers, I still do, I love(d) accounts passionately. I love the stock markets. But, behind all those numbers, I found there are a lot of emotions running around and I started digging deeper...

Last year I lost some money in the stock markets. I was sad and became a philosopher first and then since I had time I joined a MLM business. This work kept me occupied for quite some months and then there was a competition announced. An article of a 1000 words or less was to be submitted titled "Why Klink?" I thought let me give it a try and along with time pass, I might get a consolation prize as well.
I wrote the article, finished it, a friend reviewed it and said it was ok. After some months, when I had almost lost all hopes of getting any prize, I received an envelope with a letter announcing first prize in the competition. I was richer by 5000 bucks. I was thrilled, ecstatic, actually no words can describe what I felt.. blissfully elated!!

Anyways, this is how I discovered my flair for writing. I was called a storyteller by many, meaning when in a group, I usually did the most talking, and I could talk to a small child or an old person with equal ease. An uncle of mine casually suggested that I write.. Now being a story teller and writer is vastly different, because writing needs assimilation of facts in proper order and has to have more details, in order to facilitate clear imagination. Talking is relatively easier, though an art in itself, but it can take help of signs and show emotions in voice easily. Writing has helped me become more sharp, focussed and detail oriented.
It is quite exhilarating, my abundant energy is consumed and I cant seem to stop writing.. All I want to do now is write write and write!

Oops! Am I writing or typing? :) :P
I am wondering now..
Imagine all writers would now be called typists or typers .. kidding.

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  1. this reminds me of "Letters to a young poet" by Rainer Maria Rilke .... a collection of letter written to an aspiring poet by the great German poet Rilke. In one of the letters, he says write only if you feel you would die if you didn't!

  2. hey, exactly my sentiments.. I was just telling a friend when I stop writing or cant write due to various other chores, I feel like a dam is built across me and the pressure just increases!

  3. "..writing needs assimilation of facts in proper order and has to have more details..", that day actually this very fact I wanted to tell you.
    Anyway, you are the path finder for me! Following you closely now.

  4. Reading your words is like listening to u.Shazia.

  5. @ Bedanta, I am so honoured ...Sir! ;)
    @ Venkhat, Thank you for listening..