Tuesday, November 23, 2010

normal to C-sections to surrogate

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I had a baby girl around 5 months back.
I was having this child after a gap of 10 years, my older kids, a girl and a boy are 12 and 10 respectively. My obstetrician was quite apprehensive and told me that a normal delivery was out of question, because I was 30 plus and this baby was coming after a gap of 10 years!All my reports were normal and nothing indicated a high risk pregnancy. So, I fled and went to my parents place, where indeed I delivered normally.
Incidentally, even in that place C-section deliveries was the norm in 9 out of 10 cases.

While in labor, I was surprised to see the room empty, since it was a very big hospital, I had thought there would be other mothers giving me company. I asked the nurse on duty and she said, most women prefer C-sections, so they need not come in the labor ward.
Next morning, I met some mothers near the nursery, and I asked if there was any amongst them who delivered normal. and not a single one replied in the affirmative.. and when I said I had a normal one, they looked at me like I was some alien from some other planet! I too was a bit taken aback to see their reactions!

When I returned home, I told papa about it and he said," its a wonder girls are still carrying their babies in their wombs." This hit me with the idea, that surrogate mothers could become a very lucrative business in days to come.
Not that I wished it to be this way.. but then who am I!
An article which stole my views ..(kidding) surrogacy in India


  1. Congratulations on your late baby and the normal delivery. I don't know why they frighten women off having kids late - studies say the child's IQ goes up by 5 pts for every decade of the mother's life. Longevity ensured too.:)

    Our grandmothers were having normal deliveries until they went into menopause - I know mine had one in her late 40s, and at home.

    Most girls are just terrified and the doctors make a lot of money out of encouraging it. A pity.

  2. Yes Yoda, You are right,
    Being pregnant has become more of a disease now. When I said, I am preganant, the next question was, "Did you see the doctor?"

  3. Shazia, i did an article and then found u.
    same pinch on the maternity theme.

    let me copy paste what i have typed.

    Shazia, i just got to see your likings among books,i did not know where to make a word.so am expressing it here.

    I have admired the workings of Ayn Rand so much, that Fountain Head and Atlus Shrugged are my classical collections.

    Jeffry Archer has been my favorite among the novelists, i also liked his prodigal daughter.

    Gone with the wind, Margaret Mitchell, was too good and Scarlett o Hara is a memory.
    Eric segal was nice and i also liked his Class of 64 i think.

    I have never had any one to share my tastes in books that seeing your line has haunted me since the past few hours, to share, "i have been touched by them too."

    U being a Virgo makes me be cautious in the neatness and disciplined words to be checked once again before hitting the send button


  4. Hi Venkhat,
    I have seen your article, and thought maybe you got inspired by me.. (kidding.
    I am a leo by english zodiac and a friend said I am a cancer too, and this blogger has made me a virgo.. guess I have all the attributes..
    Books are my best friend, though I am more on the net now..but i still read a few pages before retiring finally for the day!
    I read Ayn Rand (both fountainhead and atlas shrugged) recently, and was completely enamored by her..
    I can write loads here, but if you have skype and find me online here (see for the green btton on the top right side of the post).. I'd be glad to have a tete a tete with you..
    Thanks for stopping by