Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was at the airport seeing off my mother and father in law. While my husband went inside to get them checked in, I sat in the car with my driver accompanying me. I was sitting with my 5 month old daughter when my driver offered to take her and then asked me to go to one of the ticketing counters and ask for the Mumbai Lucknow flight fare.
He asked me if buying an air ticket required any document or proof.
I said no, they ask nothing as long as you pay by cash.

My driver has a monthly pay of Rs 4500 per month and he has a family of 5 children along with his mother and brothers. On top of it, he is always short of money,keeps asking his salary in advance. Last month he shifted his mobile billing to postpaid from prepaid. He said he wants to travel to his in laws for show off and to put them in awe of him!

I was trying to understand what went on in his head. He had such high hopes, and I am not sure he had the means to fulfill it. Is it right to aspire beyond one's means?
What right do I have, to think that he should not dream big?

The other day I read about Mukesh Ambani's house "Antilia." and that the power bill of his house, last month was about Rs 70 lakhs! He has three helipads!  He lives with his  wife and 3 kids. What a life! Does he aspire for more?
I kept thinking of my driver and Ambani...vast difference!

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  1. ambition, aspiration, dream --which one would you choose?

  2. I would aspire only as much as my means..
    For me, my dreams are a good entertainment,(better than going to movie halls), some dreams are worth remembering, others forgettable flicks.
    Ambition keeps me going...

  3. for me, ambitions fall by the wayside, dreams keep me going

  4. by dreams, I meant real dreams... 2 days ago i had a horror dream.. that wouldnt have kept me going!! Also I am mostly seeing nightmares...earthquakes, all teeth falling off, to name a few.

  5. Aspire.. I believe, along with air, water and food this is also a requirement for life to bloom. We all have some wishes and try to fulfill these, aren't we ? We live for that and die for the same.

  6. You may see as aspiration but certainly one should also be careful. As the indications of a person asking whether proof is required to buy ticket does not smell to be right. Also his action of converting his mobile also seems a bit fishy