Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New cars versus Old cars

look! not divided.. so romantic na?
  When I was small, we had two common models on the road then, and none had divided (bucket) seats in front. Those were the days of the Ambassadors and the Fiats. Although there were some others, and even they didnt have divided front seats. By now you must have understood what difference I am emphasizing on!
It was so romantic without the gear in between, the hero and heroine could snuggle close... ( do you need bucket seats?) I imagined "one day I will" too with my hero.. blush blush. Sadly, Maruti came in the late 80's and with it was introduced the gear between the seats and to this day it is still there ... in between like "kabab mein haddi"

Before I forget, those days most car owners always had drivers or chauffeurs to drive the oh! so romantic without gear in between cars. Ironically, it is self driven more now and least romantic seating arrangement!

There used to be one car per family (not a nuclear family but a joint family). The head of the house, in my case, my grandfather had the first rights to using it and the family (parents, uncles, aunties, cousins) used it with permission. But, the strangest thing is that I never remember there was any conflict or dearth for using it

I don't think we had any kind of music system either.. and we never missed having one.. antakchari was there, cause we never drove alone. I especially remember singing all my nursery rhymes when I was really small.. on the way to anywhere..

Yes, the AC is an added comfort now, but isn't it a warmer planet than it was?

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  1. I do not own a car, i have a saffire and a tvs 50, and i drive with the cozy comfort and warmth of my scorpion beauty lady at the back.

    My village does not need me to own a car, and i even find my saffire battery down many a day to leave it parked for a preference to walk to work.

    If the need arises, a call to the taxi man and i get a different car to go to the town near by.

    i never knew a mind could think of a gap as a hindrance to the romance in a girl.

  2. My papa used to say the same.. having a car i boring.. as you have to travel ONLY in it.. while on the other hand we can enjoy unlimited fun by riding on different taxi's each time
    While writing to this comment, I think having a car is like being committed and no freedom anymore.
    "When you are SINGLE, all you see are HAPPY COUPLES.. And when you are COMMITTED, all you see are HAPPY SINGLES !!!"

  3. lol, nice one about commitment, choices and freedom, Shazia.:)

    I have a tvs too, venkhat, and I love it to death. I decided not to buy a car when I returned from the US - where we have no choice (the nearest shop was 10 miles away).

    I was so grateful to have my options back that I thought, "why be forced into it here where cycles and bullock carts have a right to the road as well? I'll enjoy my birthright".:)