Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have been sulking for the past few days.
Why dont I catch some dreaded disease and die!
This time I dont want to get treated even if I am taken abroad
I dont want treatment
leave me alone...........

A friend from school called, and it was the only cheerful 10 mins (in the whole day) spent talking to her.
We talked about olden days, it was like going back in time.. so much memories
Since her house was nearby, we always met after school, she would come to my place or I would go to hers.
Not a single day passed without us meeting and ganging.
Yes, thats exactly what we did.. just aimlessly loitering around the neighborhood.
She asked me if I was the same? I said same meaning .. what was I like?
She said I was bindaas and pataka!!
I said, I wasnt sure if I was the same anymore, I got some white strands on my hair now and I guess jumping around is also not done anymore...
We resolved to meet soon and catch up on old times and maybe share the present (not a gift at all).

I know I am not being good at all, but I cant pretend, and I have no one to talk to..I dont even wish to anyone..I am a really horrible girl and I hate myself, my life, everything
Thanks for listening blogger..


  1. If u call this sulking....

    I am reminded of a verse from elegy written at a country church yard.
    " many a flower is born to blush and waste its sweetness in the desert air"

    continue to do what u are doing and let the fragrance find those who can smell the lines.

  2. "continue to do what u are doing and let the fragrance find those who can smell the lines.."